We have a passion for providing you with the most authentic adventure possible, we go out of our way to ensure your trip of a lifetime is as memorable an experience as you can imagine!

We strive to connect to the local communities we take you to, understanding and respecting local cultures and ensuring a positive impact on the local community with the money you spend going to those that need it most.

With a volunteering experience built into every tour, you also make a positive difference to the amazing destinations we visit. Protecting the country as we travel on tour is one of our highest priorities, constantly assessing our tours to ensure we’re minimising our impact on the natural environment.

Some important areas of our responsible travel policy include:

  • Minimising our impact on the natural environment, including reducing plastic waste as much as possible. We provide you with a re-usable water bottle on arrival into the country.
  • Partnership with local marine biologists to educate our customers on the conservation of the reef environment. All money spent on this activity goes toward reef research.
  • Ensuring our involvement in local village activities is positive in order to respect local communities and their culture.
  • Use of local guides to provide employment and training for the Fijian population. Employment to the Fijian economy and sharing the Fijian spirit of happiness with international visitors from around the world is very important. For every tour group our company delivers, we believe we create not only a full-time employment opportunity but also indirect jobs for people in Fijian communities.
  • Minimal impact on wildlife and not visiting any vulnerable areas.
  • Ensuring vegetarian and vegan meal options are an important component of all menus.

Plus our super easy one-click booking process. Booking your Fijian Adventure tour, whether on a computer or a smartphone, is just a click away. You’ll be sipping cocktails on the beach in Fiji before you know it!