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Ni sa bula vinaka!

Many Australians and New Zealanders consider Fiji to be a perfect place to ‘flop and drop’ and few Antipodeans explore much beyond the mainland of Viti Levu.

My husband and I, although Australian, spend a lot of time in Europe marketing our wonderful trips in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Asia and what we’ve learned from our European mates is that they love to explore beyond Viti Levu.

So on our next trip to Fiji we took some time to explore some less-developed areas of Viti Levu, then headed out to the stunning Mamanuca Islands and then beyond into the incredible Yasawas.

The best office in the world

Viti Levu has a lot to offer beyond the big chain resorts that you will find around Port Denarau and the Coral Coast. There’s some really stunning villages and communities off those coastal roads which we are really excited to show you in our trip. They also perfectly compliment the abundant coastal time we have on the islands on the rest of the itinerary.

As you head out to the Mamanucas, it’s not long until you get that ‘remote island’ kind of feeling even though you’re only 45 minutes by ferry from the mainland.

We chose Beachcomber for our Mamanuca stay because our trip is all about having an awesome adventure, fun and relaxation and the famous Beachcomber really offers all of this.

It’s then onto the unbelievable Yasawas. Thanks to there only being one ferry a day running up to and back from the Yasawas, it means that this jaw-dropping beauty of an area never feels over-run with people and you really can get your own piece of serenity. While the ferries might have several people on them in peak season, when you get to the resorts there are plenty of places to have to yourself.

The Yasawas have a very laidback, ‘barefoot’ kind of atmosphere. They have all the comforts you need but also the relaxed nature that Fiji is known so famously for. It’s no coincidence that Fijians have their own version of “hakuna matata” which is “sega la neqa” – it means no worries!

You will learn pretty quickly that there is such a thing as “Fiji-time”, which basically means there’s no particular rush on… anything. You’ll also hear Fijians say in English – “no hurry, no worry!” While this may sound frustrating to the big city dweller, you very quickly adjust your watch (or better still, take it off) to Fiji time and appreciate the culture for what it is – not to mention the unbelievable, clean, pristine and serene environment around you. The only time you’ll worry about is the amount you have left to spend in this paradise.

Vainui vinaka e nomu volau (Bon voyage!)

Hammock days in Fiji
It ‘aint an island holiday without a hammock

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